twopiece 1.2.0

Today I released a new version of my twopiece Python package in pip. The two-piece distributions result from joining (at the mode) the corresponding halves of a continuous, symmetric distribution using the same location parameter $\mu$ but possibly different:

  • scale parameters $\sigma_1$ and $\sigma_2$
  • shape parameters $\delta_1$ and $\delta_2$

on each side of the mode.

This idea can be seen in the following graphs where we can see in blue and pink the two half densities and the resulting two-piece density in green.

Release Notes

twopiece 1.2.0 now supports the following three families of two-piece distributions:

  • Two-Piece Scale (already included in older versions)
  • Two-Piece Shape (new!)
  • Double Two-Piece (new!)

In addition, new display functions were added for each family. These functions will help you to visualise quickly any of the supported distributions. Take a look at these features in the Demo included in the gist below (also in my GitHub).

twopiece 1.2.0 Library Demo

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To see this Demo directly in GitHub click here!

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