The Perfect Valentine

The New York Times published the article “The Perfect Valentine? A Math Formula” featuring a widget which allows you to visualise the equation

$(x^2 + (1+b)^2y^2 +z^2 -1)^3 -(x^2 +ay^2 )z^3 $

where $a$ and $b$ are parameters. At first, this equation may not seem romantic at all. But as soon as we plot it we cannot help but agreeing with the article first sentence:

“Nothing says I love you like a customisable algebraic equation”

Image created by Süss widget.

You can customise your equation within the Süss — German for “sweet” — widget created for Valentine’s Day by Imaginary, a nonprofit organisation in Berlin that designs open-source mathematics programs and exhibitions. Alternative, if you are a true romantic, you can make your very own 3D-heart (in your favourite colour palette) in Python using only numpy, pandas, and plotly.

Heart using a = 9/200 and b = 1/2 in twilight scale.

Take a look at the code in Here!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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