Aleatory 0.1.0

I am pleased to announce that my latest project “aleatory 0.1.0”, a Python library to simulate and visualise stochastic processes, has been released and is now available in PyPi.

What Powers the World?

What powers the world? How much comes from fossil fuels and how much from renewable energies? How much has this change since 1965? The Chart Of The Week shows the evolution of the energy mix from 1965 to today.

Europe’s Dependance on Russian Gas

The recent events in Ukraine have highlighted the importance for the EU and UK to diversify its energy sources. In particular, to reduce its dependency on Russia’s oil, natural gas, and coal.

Oil Shocks and the Probability of U.S. Recession

This chart was motivated by the article History Suggests Oil Shock Raises Probability of U.S. Recession published last Friday by Bloomberg. According to the article, historical data shows that big surges in crude-oil prices have ended U.S. economic expansions and tipped the U.S. economy into recession.

Annual Military Spending

Military expenditure by the top 15 countries reached $1603 billion in 2020 and accounted for 81 per cent of global military spending.

UK Inflation Projection

According to the BoE, the projected overshoot of inflation relative to the 2% target mainly reflects global energy and tradable goods prices, the latter due to global supply chain disruptions.

Shipping Costs Trends

Freight is big business. It is a necessity, not a luxury. When transportation system performance decreases, freight-related businesses and their customers are affected.

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