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How to see all the fonts ✏️ available for your matplotlib plots 📊?

import matplotlib.font_manager
from IPython.core.display import HTML

def make_html(fontname):
    return "<p>{font}: <span style='font-family:{font}; font-size: 25px;'>{font}</p>".format(font=fontname)

fonts = sorted(set([f.name for f in matplotlib.font_manager.fontManager.ttflist]))
html_fonts = "\n".join([make_html(font) for font in fonts])
HTML("<div style='column-count: 2;'>{}</div>".format(html_fonts))

.Aqua Kana: .Aqua Kana

.Arabic UI Display: .Arabic UI Display

.Arabic UI Text: .Arabic UI Text

.Keyboard: .Keyboard

.New York: .New York

.SF Compact: .SF Compact

.SF Compact Rounded: .SF Compact Rounded

.SF NS Mono: .SF NS Mono

.SF NS Rounded: .SF NS Rounded

Academy Engraved LET: Academy Engraved LET

Al Bayan: Al Bayan

Al Nile: Al Nile

Al Tarikh: Al Tarikh

American Typewriter: American Typewriter

Andale Mono: Andale Mono

Apple Braille: Apple Braille

Apple Chancery: Apple Chancery

Apple SD Gothic Neo: Apple SD Gothic Neo

Apple Symbols: Apple Symbols

AppleGothic: AppleGothic

AppleMyungjo: AppleMyungjo

Arial: Arial

Arial Black: Arial Black

Arial Hebrew: Arial Hebrew

Arial Narrow: Arial Narrow

Arial Rounded MT Bold: Arial Rounded MT Bold

Arial Unicode MS: Arial Unicode MS

Athelas: Athelas

Avenir: Avenir

Avenir Next: Avenir Next

Avenir Next Condensed: Avenir Next Condensed

Ayuthaya: Ayuthaya

Baghdad: Baghdad

Bangla MN: Bangla MN

Bangla Sangam MN: Bangla Sangam MN

Baskerville: Baskerville

Beirut: Beirut

Big Caslon: Big Caslon

Bodoni 72: Bodoni 72

Bodoni 72 Oldstyle: Bodoni 72 Oldstyle

Bodoni 72 Smallcaps: Bodoni 72 Smallcaps

Bodoni Ornaments: Bodoni Ornaments

Bradley Hand: Bradley Hand

Brush Script MT: Brush Script MT

Chalkboard: Chalkboard

Chalkboard SE: Chalkboard SE

Chalkduster: Chalkduster

Charter: Charter

Cochin: Cochin

Comic Sans MS: Comic Sans MS

Copperplate: Copperplate

Corsiva Hebrew: Corsiva Hebrew

Courier New: Courier New

DIN Alternate: DIN Alternate

DIN Condensed: DIN Condensed

Damascus: Damascus

DecoType Naskh: DecoType Naskh

DejaVu Sans: DejaVu Sans

DejaVu Sans Display: DejaVu Sans Display

DejaVu Sans Mono: DejaVu Sans Mono

DejaVu Serif: DejaVu Serif

DejaVu Serif Display: DejaVu Serif Display

Devanagari MT: Devanagari MT

Devanagari Sangam MN: Devanagari Sangam MN

Didot: Didot

Diwan Kufi: Diwan Kufi

Diwan Thuluth: Diwan Thuluth

Euphemia UCAS: Euphemia UCAS

Farah: Farah

Farisi: Farisi

Futura: Futura

Galvji: Galvji

Geeza Pro: Geeza Pro

Georgia: Georgia

Gill Sans: Gill Sans

Gujarati MT: Gujarati MT

Gujarati Sangam MN: Gujarati Sangam MN

Gurmukhi MN: Gurmukhi MN

Gurmukhi MT: Gurmukhi MT

Gurmukhi Sangam MN: Gurmukhi Sangam MN

Heiti TC: Heiti TC

Helvetica: Helvetica

Helvetica Neue: Helvetica Neue

Herculanum: Herculanum

Hiragino Maru Gothic Pro: Hiragino Maru Gothic Pro

Hiragino Mincho ProN: Hiragino Mincho ProN

Hiragino Sans: Hiragino Sans

Hiragino Sans GB: Hiragino Sans GB

Hoefler Text: Hoefler Text

ITF Devanagari: ITF Devanagari

Impact: Impact

InaiMathi: InaiMathi

Iowan Old Style: Iowan Old Style

Kailasa: Kailasa

Kannada MN: Kannada MN

Kannada Sangam MN: Kannada Sangam MN

Kefa: Kefa

Khmer MN: Khmer MN

Khmer Sangam MN: Khmer Sangam MN

Kohinoor Bangla: Kohinoor Bangla

Kohinoor Devanagari: Kohinoor Devanagari

Kohinoor Gujarati: Kohinoor Gujarati

Kohinoor Telugu: Kohinoor Telugu

Kokonor: Kokonor

Krungthep: Krungthep

KufiStandardGK: KufiStandardGK

Lao MN: Lao MN

Lao Sangam MN: Lao Sangam MN

Lucida Grande: Lucida Grande

Luminari: Luminari

Malayalam MN: Malayalam MN

Malayalam Sangam MN: Malayalam Sangam MN

Marion: Marion

Marker Felt: Marker Felt

Menlo: Menlo

Microsoft Sans Serif: Microsoft Sans Serif

Mishafi: Mishafi

Mishafi Gold: Mishafi Gold

Mshtakan: Mshtakan

Mukta Mahee: Mukta Mahee

Muna: Muna

Myanmar MN: Myanmar MN

Myanmar Sangam MN: Myanmar Sangam MN

Nadeem: Nadeem

New Peninim MT: New Peninim MT

Noteworthy: Noteworthy

Noto Nastaliq Urdu: Noto Nastaliq Urdu

Noto Sans Adlam: Noto Sans Adlam

Noto Sans Armenian: Noto Sans Armenian

Noto Sans Avestan: Noto Sans Avestan

Noto Sans Bamum: Noto Sans Bamum

Noto Sans Bassa Vah: Noto Sans Bassa Vah

Noto Sans Batak: Noto Sans Batak

Noto Sans Bhaiksuki: Noto Sans Bhaiksuki

Noto Sans Brahmi: Noto Sans Brahmi

Noto Sans Buginese: Noto Sans Buginese

Noto Sans Buhid: Noto Sans Buhid

Noto Sans Carian: Noto Sans Carian

Noto Sans Caucasian Albanian: Noto Sans Caucasian Albanian

Noto Sans Chakma: Noto Sans Chakma

Noto Sans Cham: Noto Sans Cham

Noto Sans Coptic: Noto Sans Coptic

Noto Sans Cuneiform: Noto Sans Cuneiform

Noto Sans Cypriot: Noto Sans Cypriot

Noto Sans Duployan: Noto Sans Duployan

Noto Sans Egyptian Hieroglyphs: Noto Sans Egyptian Hieroglyphs

Noto Sans Elbasan: Noto Sans Elbasan

Noto Sans Glagolitic: Noto Sans Glagolitic

Noto Sans Gothic: Noto Sans Gothic

Noto Sans Hanifi Rohingya: Noto Sans Hanifi Rohingya

Noto Sans Hanunoo: Noto Sans Hanunoo

Noto Sans Hatran: Noto Sans Hatran

Noto Sans Imperial Aramaic: Noto Sans Imperial Aramaic

Noto Sans Inscriptional Pahlavi: Noto Sans Inscriptional Pahlavi

Noto Sans Inscriptional Parthian: Noto Sans Inscriptional Parthian

Noto Sans Javanese: Noto Sans Javanese

Noto Sans Kaithi: Noto Sans Kaithi

Noto Sans Kannada: Noto Sans Kannada

Noto Sans Kayah Li: Noto Sans Kayah Li

Noto Sans Kharoshthi: Noto Sans Kharoshthi

Noto Sans Khojki: Noto Sans Khojki

Noto Sans Khudawadi: Noto Sans Khudawadi

Noto Sans Lepcha: Noto Sans Lepcha

Noto Sans Limbu: Noto Sans Limbu

Noto Sans Linear A: Noto Sans Linear A

Noto Sans Linear B: Noto Sans Linear B

Noto Sans Lisu: Noto Sans Lisu

Noto Sans Lycian: Noto Sans Lycian

Noto Sans Lydian: Noto Sans Lydian

Noto Sans Mahajani: Noto Sans Mahajani

Noto Sans Mandaic: Noto Sans Mandaic

Noto Sans Manichaean: Noto Sans Manichaean

Noto Sans Marchen: Noto Sans Marchen

Noto Sans Meetei Mayek: Noto Sans Meetei Mayek

Noto Sans Mende Kikakui: Noto Sans Mende Kikakui

Noto Sans Meroitic: Noto Sans Meroitic

Noto Sans Miao: Noto Sans Miao

Noto Sans Modi: Noto Sans Modi

Noto Sans Mongolian: Noto Sans Mongolian

Noto Sans Mro: Noto Sans Mro

Noto Sans Multani: Noto Sans Multani

Noto Sans Myanmar: Noto Sans Myanmar

Noto Sans NKo: Noto Sans NKo

Noto Sans Nabataean: Noto Sans Nabataean

Noto Sans New Tai Lue: Noto Sans New Tai Lue

Noto Sans Newa: Noto Sans Newa

Noto Sans Ogham: Noto Sans Ogham

Noto Sans Ol Chiki: Noto Sans Ol Chiki

Noto Sans Old Hungarian: Noto Sans Old Hungarian

Noto Sans Old Italic: Noto Sans Old Italic

Noto Sans Old North Arabian: Noto Sans Old North Arabian

Noto Sans Old Permic: Noto Sans Old Permic

Noto Sans Old Persian: Noto Sans Old Persian

Noto Sans Old South Arabian: Noto Sans Old South Arabian

Noto Sans Old Turkic: Noto Sans Old Turkic

Noto Sans Oriya: Noto Sans Oriya

Noto Sans Osage: Noto Sans Osage

Noto Sans Osmanya: Noto Sans Osmanya

Noto Sans Pahawh Hmong: Noto Sans Pahawh Hmong

Noto Sans Palmyrene: Noto Sans Palmyrene

Noto Sans Pau Cin Hau: Noto Sans Pau Cin Hau

Noto Sans PhagsPa: Noto Sans PhagsPa

Noto Sans Phoenician: Noto Sans Phoenician

Noto Sans Psalter Pahlavi: Noto Sans Psalter Pahlavi

Noto Sans Rejang: Noto Sans Rejang

Noto Sans Runic: Noto Sans Runic

Noto Sans Samaritan: Noto Sans Samaritan

Noto Sans Saurashtra: Noto Sans Saurashtra

Noto Sans Sharada: Noto Sans Sharada

Noto Sans Shavian: Noto Sans Shavian

Noto Sans Siddham: Noto Sans Siddham

Noto Sans Sora Sompeng: Noto Sans Sora Sompeng

Noto Sans Sundanese: Noto Sans Sundanese

Noto Sans Syloti Nagri: Noto Sans Syloti Nagri

Noto Sans Syriac: Noto Sans Syriac

Noto Sans Tagalog: Noto Sans Tagalog

Noto Sans Tagbanwa: Noto Sans Tagbanwa

Noto Sans Tai Le: Noto Sans Tai Le

Noto Sans Tai Tham: Noto Sans Tai Tham

Noto Sans Tai Viet: Noto Sans Tai Viet

Noto Sans Takri: Noto Sans Takri

Noto Sans Thaana: Noto Sans Thaana

Noto Sans Tifinagh: Noto Sans Tifinagh

Noto Sans Tirhuta: Noto Sans Tirhuta

Noto Sans Ugaritic: Noto Sans Ugaritic

Noto Sans Vai: Noto Sans Vai

Noto Sans Wancho: Noto Sans Wancho

Noto Sans Warang Citi: Noto Sans Warang Citi

Noto Sans Yi: Noto Sans Yi

Noto Serif Ahom: Noto Serif Ahom

Noto Serif Balinese: Noto Serif Balinese

Noto Serif Myanmar: Noto Serif Myanmar

Optima: Optima

Oriya MN: Oriya MN

Oriya Sangam MN: Oriya Sangam MN

PT Mono: PT Mono

PT Sans: PT Sans

PT Serif: PT Serif

PT Serif Caption: PT Serif Caption

Palatino: Palatino

Papyrus: Papyrus

Party LET: Party LET

Phosphate: Phosphate

PingFang HK: PingFang HK

Plantagenet Cherokee: Plantagenet Cherokee

Raanana: Raanana

Rockwell: Rockwell

STIXGeneral: STIXGeneral

STIXIntegralsD: STIXIntegralsD

STIXIntegralsSm: STIXIntegralsSm

STIXIntegralsUp: STIXIntegralsUp

STIXIntegralsUpD: STIXIntegralsUpD

STIXIntegralsUpSm: STIXIntegralsUpSm

STIXNonUnicode: STIXNonUnicode

STIXSizeFiveSym: STIXSizeFiveSym

STIXSizeFourSym: STIXSizeFourSym

STIXSizeOneSym: STIXSizeOneSym

STIXSizeThreeSym: STIXSizeThreeSym

STIXSizeTwoSym: STIXSizeTwoSym

STIXVariants: STIXVariants

Sana: Sana

Sathu: Sathu

Savoye LET: Savoye LET

Seravek: Seravek

Shree Devanagari 714: Shree Devanagari 714

SignPainter: SignPainter

Silom: Silom

Sinhala MN: Sinhala MN

Sinhala Sangam MN: Sinhala Sangam MN

Skia: Skia

Snell Roundhand: Snell Roundhand

Songti SC: Songti SC

Sukhumvit Set: Sukhumvit Set

Superclarendon: Superclarendon

Symbol: Symbol

System Font: System Font

Tahoma: Tahoma

Tamil MN: Tamil MN

Tamil Sangam MN: Tamil Sangam MN

Telugu MN: Telugu MN

Telugu Sangam MN: Telugu Sangam MN

Thonburi: Thonburi

Times: Times

Times New Roman: Times New Roman

Trattatello: Trattatello

Trebuchet MS: Trebuchet MS

Verdana: Verdana

Waseem: Waseem

Webdings: Webdings

Wingdings: Wingdings

Wingdings 2: Wingdings 2

Wingdings 3: Wingdings 3

Zapf Dingbats: Zapf Dingbats

Zapfino: Zapfino

cmb10: cmb10

cmex10: cmex10

cmmi10: cmmi10

cmr10: cmr10

cmss10: cmss10

cmsy10: cmsy10

cmtt10: cmtt10

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