Loose Stones

The story of how Sir Issac Newton lost £2m in the stock markets.

Six Easy Pieces

Fragments from “Six Easy Pieces” a nontechnical physics primer by Richard Feynman.

The Quant Project

I want to share some insight from my experience starting my career as a quant after graduation. Skill sets, General Tips, Resources, Interview Process, FAQs

Word Clouds with Python

☁️ 🐍 Getting text and making customised wordclouds using only Python libraries ☁️ 🐍

twopiece 1.2.0

Today I released a new version of my twopiece Python package in pip. It now supports the three families of two-piece distributions: Scale, Shape (new!)
and Double (new!).

Guía Estadística para entender el Coronavirus

Los miembros de la Royal Statistical Society han recopilado una guía esencial para entender las estadísticas sobre COVID-19. Aquí, enumeran definiciones importantes, así como cosas a tener en cuenta y […]

Fan Charts

Since 1996 the Bank of England inflation forecast has been published as a probability distribution and presented in what is now known as ‘the fan chart’. This post provides an overview on this useful visualisation tool and its Python implementation.

The Two Piece Normal Distribution

The two-piece normal, also called split normal, binormal, or double-Gaussian,  results from joining at the mode the corresponding halves of two normal distributions with the same mode but different standard deviations.

Brief History of the Two-Piece Normal

A brief recollection of the history of the two-piece normal distribution discovery: 119 years from the first publication of Gustav Fechner original work until its latest re-discovery.

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