Thank you very much for stopping by! This is my (not so private) collection of random ideas about Stats 📊, Maths📐, and Coding  🖥.

My name is Dialid and I am a  finance quantitative analyst, mathematician. I was born in Mexico City and grew up in Oaxaca, Mexico. In 2012, I moved to the UK to study a PhD in Mathematic-Statistics at the University of Warwick. Currently, I work for an investment bank as a Quantitative Analyst in London. Some of the areas that I have used during my work as a quant include:

• Stochastic Processes Theory
• Statistical Analysis and Machine Learning
• Statistical Inference
• Random Matrix Theory

Programming is a big part of my day (and night!). C++ was the first programming language that I learned (more than 10 years ago!) Since then, I have enjoyed greatly using Python, R, Mathematica, Prolog and Haskell. Recently, I started learning Go!

I love data visualisations and use them in every single project as a tool to communicate complex ideas and powerful insights from data. This is why you will see lots of plots in here.

I greatly enjoy concerts, museums,  and art galleries. One of my favourite paintings is Blue Dancers by Edgar Degas.

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